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Biotek Microblades

XS microblades 11c

£52.50 ex. VAT

XS microblades 11c

XS microblades 11c (10 pcs)

Needle Characteristics:

The XS series of microblade tools are nanoblading at its finest.

XS microblade #11C tools have 11 ExtraSlim pins with a diameter of 0.18, so you can create uber-slim hair strokes.

Other reasons we love the XS microblade #11C include:

  • The needles are configured in a vertical slope
  • They have a small profile, so they are easy to control
  • They are designed to create shorter, straight hair strokes with less curvature
  • They are better for brows styled in a thinner more subtle shape
  • Their unique, pointed tip allows you to place each stroke precisely
  • They have flawless, sharp needles packaged with a protective plastic cap
  • They come fully assembled
  • They eliminate the risk of cross-contamination due to the complete hand tool being sterilised and one-use-only
  • They have a Lot number and expiration date
  • They are ethylene oxide sterilised


Pack of 10


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